4 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

Golf season is officially here and we want to help you improve your game. These four tips will have you swinging like a pro in no time!

1. Improve your balance
If you lose balance at any point throughout your swing, the outcome is not going to be pretty. A great exercise for improving balance, on and off the course, is a simple lunge. My twist on this classic move is to do it in a static hold, meaning holding the position for a full minute on each side.  How to do it: Place one leg in front of the other so that both the front and back legs make 90 degree angles. Hold for 60 seconds. Switch sides. Repeat daily!

2. Rotate those hips
If you want power and consistency, work those core and gluts. If your hip doesn’t rotate enough while you’re swinging the club, you lose power and accuracy with every single shot and who wants that? A glut bridge with strengthen your butt, abs, lower back, and hips all at once! Lay on your back and bend your knees until they reach 90 degrees and are shoulder weight apart. Place your hands on the floor next to you and start with slowly (10 sec up, 10 sec down) pushing through your heels lifting your hips up as high as possible. Keep your core tight. Repeat 20 times.

3. Fuel up

If you’re playing 18 holes, you’ll be on the course for quite a while so make sure you fuel up with a protein-packed meal before you play and bring plenty of on-the-go snacks in case you start to crash during the game. A fueled body is a strong body!

4. Book a golf conditioning appointment

Anel is a certified golf conditioning specialist and his clients often see an improvement in their game after only two sessions! Try out the exercises above and if you like them there is more where that came from! Book a session here.