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Style Meets Safety

Our fitness studio is sleek, modern, and unlike anything you’ve ever seen. When you walk in to the space, you will be wowed. Our design concept is a full sensory experience for clients that feels almost like a relaxing spa.  But don’t be fooled, you won’t be relaxing during our workouts!

The atmosphere emotes comfort, it is filled with an intoxicating scent that transports you, and background music to subliminally motivate you.

Our machines are positioned to maximize distance between clients. There are never more than 2 clients in the 2000 square-foot studio at one time. Trainers and clients wear masks at all times and machines are disinfected immediately after each use. We use a MERV 13 filter at all times in the studio.

Take a virtual tour of our safety features here.

COVID-safety features:

  • Maximum distance between clients
  • Masks mandatory for clients & trainers
  • Equipment disinfected immediately after every use
  • HIPA-approved air filters and air purifiers 
  • Temperature is taken upon arrival
  • Hand sanitizer provided throughout the space

Tour our studio & safety features

Check out the space

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Customized Workouts

All of our one-on-one personal training sessions are designed with our custom-made Matrix fitness machines.

Unique Decor

A blend of modern furniture and vintage touches create a unique space that you’ll never forget.

Conveniently Located

We’re right on Greenwich Avenue, above Eastend Restaurant, across the street from the train station.