Amanda’s Before & After

What were your goals when you started working out at Countdown Fitness?
When I started at Countdown Fitness, I was four weeks pregnant with my second son. I had a challenging first pregnancy in terms of weight gain and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) leading up to and following delivery so I wanted to ensure my second pregnancy would take a healthier and “fitter” path forward. The before photo was taken 5 weeks post-partum. I, fortunately, gained 15 pounds less this time around and I got home from the hospital and cleaned my house after delivering a 9.5 lb baby (and I was induced a week early)! I am convinced that the hard work I put in at Countdown Fitness during my pregnancy lead to a much a quicker recovery even in the initial days post-partum.

How quickly did you start to see a change in your body?
In both my pregnant and post-partum state, I saw a change in my arms and legs after a few sessions. They were looking leaner and more defined. Post-partum, I saw a dramatic change in my butt after a few sessions. As you can see from the photos, it now has an entirely different shape and has lifted about 3-4 inches. This is 100% the result of my work at Countdown Fitness.

Do you notice a difference in how you feel?
I feel strong and less afraid of injury and exerting myself. I still have lingering pain in my groin from SPD and Anel has never once pushed me too hard or forgotten about the injury. The personalization and customization of the workout to all of my aches and pains (and there are many!) make me feel confident that I am truly strengthening my body in the most beneficial manner. We have also worked together on strengthening my upper back and core, which has done wonders for my posture and neck health. I have suffered from neck pain my whole life and since I started Countdown Fitness, it has improved by about 80%.

What dietary changes, if any, contributed to your weight loss goals?
To blast the remaining 5-7 pounds of fat on my body from childbirth, I did the Prolon cleanse for 5 days, three consecutive months this summer. The results have been lasting and it has radically changed my diet going forward. I have cut out dairy; I try to eat plant-based for at least 50% of my day, and my portions have gotten smaller. Going forward, I will likely do Prolon 4x a year to help manage my weight and give my digestion a break.

How has Countdown Fitness changed the way you look at exercise?
After I had my first son, I would run a few days a week to get the weight off and get “in shape.” I enjoyed it, but it was time-consuming and didn’t give me close to the body I wanted or have now. With the right exercise (as I have found at Countdown Fitness), you can have the body you want (even if it is one you have never had in your life!) in literally 30 minutes per week. With that being said, I worked really hard on my diet this summer and know that my Countdown Fitness results would be less apparent if I hadn’t drastically changed how I ate.

What’s your favorite exercise you do at Countdown Fitness?
I love the two machines that tighten my butt and the back of my thighs. Anel said the leg curl is what gave me the butt lift! I actually get excited when I get to use these machines!

Anything else you want to add?
I am extremely proud of the work I have put in and grateful that I feel more confident about my body after having two kids. I am also grateful that I get to spend 30 minutes of my week with such a kind and funny trainer that is always focused on our workout and pushing me to be the best version of myself.