Beginner At-Home Workout

New to our workouts? Start by practicing the techniques with this beginner-level at-home workout. Don’t worry, we promise you’ll still feel the burn the next day! Try this twice a week and you’ll be good to go.

Note: Scroll through the workout before you start to familiarize yourself with each exercise. Once you start, try not to take more than 20 seconds between each one. And have fun!

Wall Squat: 1 minute

Slow Pushups: 45 seconds
– Place your hands under your shoulders and bring them each two inches outwards
– Take five seconds to lower your body down and a full five seconds to bring it back up
– Modification: Do the same thing with your knees on the ground if a full push up is above your level

Right Lunge: Hold 1 minute
– Place your right leg in front of the left and squat down into a deep lunge so that your right leg is at a 90 degree angle
– Keep your front front knee above the front ankle at all times
– Keep your back foot on it’s toes at all time
– Slowly lower and raise your back leg (only about three inches of movement total)
– Take five seconds to lower your back leg and 5 seconds to raise it back up

Slow Push Ups: 30 seconds

Left Lunge: Hold 1 minute
Same as before but with your left leg forward.

Glute Bridge: 1 minute, 30 seconds
– Lay on your back with your arms by your sides, place your feet flat on the floor so your knees are bent.
– Push through your heels and bring your hips to the ceiling, squeeze your glutes.
– Slowly bring your hips back down to the floor, touch the floor and slowly come back up.
– After the first minute, keeping your hips to the ceiling, bring your feet closer together, lift one leg up and squeeze the glute. (Each leg for 30 seconds)
– Repeat

Forearm Plank: 1 minute
– Balance on your forearms and toes
– Keep your elbows directly under your shoulders
– Keep your core tight and strong
– When the going gets tough, put a smile on your face

Mountain Climbers: 30 seconds
– Start in a full plank (on your hands instead of forearms)
– Bring one knee towards your chest.
– Jump to switch legs.
– Repeat (this is the one exercise you’ll do quickly to raise your heart rate).

Wall Tricep Extension: 45 seconds
– Find a wall with plenty of room around it
– Stand facing the wall place your hands against the wall keeping your elbows in
– Take three steps away from the wall
– Slowly (about 5 seconds) lower your body, just before your elbows touch the wall, then slowly (about 5 seconds) bring your body back up.
– Repeat

Forearm Plank: 30 seconds

Wall Squat: 1 minute

Wall Tricep Extensions: 30 seconds

Russian Twist: 40 seconds
– Sit up with your feet flat on the floor
– Put your arms straight out
– Twist your torso to the right until your left elbow passes your right leg. Then twist to the left until your right elbow passes your left leg

Mountain Climbers: 30 seconds

Superman: 1 minute
– Start on your stomach. Pinch between your shoulder blades and lift your arms up about 6-10 in off the floor
– Next squeeze your glutes and lift your feet about 6 in from the ground.
– Slowly extend your arms forward and bring them back.
– Keep your spine straight by looking towards the ground.
– Repeat

Right Leg Lunge: 45 seconds

Body Weight Squat (Up & Down): 1 minute
– Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
– Slowly down so that your knees are at a 90 degree angle (your butt should go back first and then bend your knees. Keep your spine straight).
– You should always be able to see your toes when you look down.
– Press through your heels into the floor.
– Slowly raise up.
– Repeat.

Left Leg Lunge: 45 seconds

Slow Push Ups: 30 seconds

V-Ups: 40 seconds
– Put your feet in the air with your legs almost straight.
– Lift your shoulder off the ground, crunch up to your ankles,come back down just before your shoulder touch.
– Repeat