Benefits of Slow Weight Training

There are an insane amount of workouts to choose from these days— From spinning to Pilates to Cross Fit and back, it can be a hard world to navigate. At Countdown Fitness, we live and breathe the slow burn method. What is slow burn and why is it so amazing? Let’s review…

The Benefits of Slow Burn


Our method is a scientifically proven approach to training, which relies on safely building lean muscle mass and kick starting a crazy active metabolism (translation: a fitter, stronger you). Sound good too good to be true? Think again. Our trainers use a slow burn weight-training method in 30-minute weekly sessions to tone and build muscle.

Your body will respond to high intensity and plenty of rest by getting stronger, faster. In each session we’ll push you to work harder than you ever have before so you will look and feel stronger in just 4-6 sessions.

We create a customized plan for you based on your personal goals… And we’ve seen it all! From knee injuries to hip replacements, from ages 13 to 90, we’ve got you covered.


Moving the weight slowly as we workout together forces you to reach high intensity quickly and safely. Slow motion reduces forces and impact that causes injuries to muscles and connective tissues. But it’s no joke! Your brain doesn’t like pain and it will do whatever it can to stop you from going further, but that’s where I come in because that’s exactly what you need in order to reach optimal results. Our trainers will help you to go beyond your threshold and stimulate your muscles to get stronger and leaner. Plus, you can do all that without getting hurt.


We’re all busy and it’s often hard to find time to workout. Together, we’ll reach your fitness goals in just 30 minutes per week. I realize that sounds crazy, but with the combination of the high intensity workout and the slow burn technique you are going to need all the rest you can get to recover in time for our next session. If you can’t find 30 minutes in your week to workout, then you might have bigger problems!