6 Tips for a Bikini Body

With bathing suit season around the corner, we’re getting a lot of clients looking to drop a few pounds and tone up. With our tips, you’ll be beach-ready in no time!

1. Set realistic goals. Instead of aiming to lose 15 lbs before the summer, focus on losing 1 lb each week. You want to achieve your goals and feel good about them. It will urge you to move forward instead of looking at the big picture.

2. Clean up your diet. No matter what you do for exercise and how much of it, you must change the way you eat to reach your perfect self. Jump start your plan with these nutritionist tips.

3. Schedule your workouts in advance. Every Sunday look at your week and schedule in one to two high-intensity workouts. You’re more likely to workout if it’s in your calendar.

4. Be sure to rest. Let your muscles recover from your workouts. That is where the magic happens of building muscle and getting leaner. Read more about the important of rest here.

5. Be consistent. Change doesn’t usually happen overnight. Just because you don’t see results in two weeks, that doesn’t mean your hard work isn’t going to pay off. Give it a month or even two and if you don’t feel/see results you might have to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate if this plan works for you.

6. Involve your friends and family. You have a higher chance of success when you are working towards a goal with someone else. Hold each other accountable by checking in weekly or working out together.