Planking Contest

One of our favorite party tricks is to get everyone in a group to agree to a plank contest. Whether it’s at the office as a team-building exercise or at a family gathering after a few glasses of wine, this contest gets everyone’s blood flowing and always energizes the dynamic of the group.

The contest is five minutes of planking in intervals of different variations. One person should be the ring-leader, with a stopwatch (just use your phone!), keeping time and encouraging the everyone else.

This contest is no joke and abs are guaranteed to be sore the next day!

Where to: 5-minute plank challenge

  • At a casual dinner party
  • Family gatherings
  • At the office
  • Book club
  • On the street with strangers…just kidding

How to: 5-minute plank challenge

  • 1:00 min full plank (on your hands)
  • 0:30 sec half plank (on your forearms)
  • 0:30 sec stay in a half plank and lift your right leg up in the air
  • 0:30 sec repeat on the left side
  • 0:30 sec side plank (turn your body and lift your right arm in the air)
  • 0:30 sec repeat on the left side
  • 0:30 sec full plank
  • 1:00 min half plank

Are you up for the challenge?